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Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison is on a mission to see that every kid in Dane County, Wisconsin that wants a bike, has one. Each year, FB4K Madison gives away 1,500 bikes to underserved communities in Dane County.

So many amazing things come from a kid owning a bike! Self confidence, healthy habits, inclusion, a love for recreation, and independence are just some of the benefits. There are a lot of barriers to bicycling and FB4K Madison is working to make it possible that everyone who wants to enjoy cycling does despite the financial barriers.

FB4K Madison does this work through donations and fundraising efforts like this. You can support our work even more by heading to FB4KMadison.org and making a financial donation online.

Funds raised will be put towards purchasing bike parts so we can repair the donated bikes, purchasing 1,000+ helmets, purchasing headlights and taillights, and paying our mechanics to restore the bikes. We thank you for helping make this program possible!

Official Charity